Status update

Ever try to write a really nice philosophical blog post and it just doesn’t work out? I was going to roll some personal announcements into a more substanstial, thinky piece, but it just didn’t want to flow.

So instead, a quick update:

My main consulting gig at Grainger finished a couple weeks ago, and while it was brief, I met a bunch of cool new people I want to stay in touch with, and the feeling seems to be mutual. Leaving was definitely a tough decision and was bittersweet, for sure.

Last week was my last week as a Consulting Dev, so to speak; my friends and OFA and I launched a new public beta of a project there, and it’ll be publicly promoted soon, so I’ll have more notes on that later.

The really big news is, as of today, I am the newest full-time employee of healthcare startup Healthvana.

Healthvana, in a nutshell, is a suite of digital tools for healthcare providers – including sign-in kiosks and mobile test results delivery, with many many more planned features. We’re live in several California locations and more launches are planned, but that’s a brief introduction to my new gig.

I’m really, really looking forward to being a part of the team and truly owning the interactions for a cool product that has the potential to help people get access to the information and care they need.

Since Healthvana is based out of LA, I’ll be spending a lot of time working from home, so I’ll make that focus of the next “what’s working for me” article I do… once I figure that out!

Lastly, only related to me peripherally / personally, but my husband Michael has just started Dev Bootcamp. He’s been playing with code, primarily Python, for a couple years and I’m really proud of him for taking the next step in formally moving into a tech career. He’s in the Dragonfly cohort in Chicago, currently in Phase Zero.

So, many changes on the horizon and I am looking forward to all of them.