Status update

Ever try to write a really nice philosophical blog post and it just doesn’t work out? I was going to roll some personal announcements into a more substanstial, thinky piece, but it just didn’t want to flow.

So instead, a quick update:

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How I got over my coding fears

After discussing why I thought I couldn’t code, it seemed only right to complete the circle and write a bit about what made me think I could, what made me eventually do it.

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What's working for me: Jan - Feb 2015

I have a couple posts in the works, including the follow-up to my post on what stopped me from trying code for so long.

But I’m trying to record more of my own experience in the moment this year, so it felt right to capture things that are working for me lately: apps, workflows, mindsets, etc.

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Why I thought I couldn't code

At Write Speak Code’s Own Your Expertise workshop, we did an exercise where we had to say one true thing about ourselves: something we were proud of, without the use of dissembling language. No trying to explain why it wasn’t really true, wasn’t REALLY that great of an accomplishment.

Mine was: “I’ve been building things on the web for 19 years.”

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Stuff I Learned This Year

But particularly in the past few months:

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